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Smashing Your Balls

Smashing Your Balls

You are in for some real hardcore ball busting tonight, boy, because I brought two of my hot friends along and all three of us are going to wail on your little balls at the same time. The kicks in the nuts aren't going to stop coming because once one hits there are two more right behind it. Your balls are going to be bruised and useless by the time we get through with you. The look on your face when a nice hard kick connects is just priceless. In fact I think we should video tape the three of us pounding your nuts so we can all sit around and watch you screaming like a little girl whenever we want. We should make a whole series with nothing but you getting your balls abused. How does that sound?  Take a Free Tour >>

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Jerkoff Instructors
Jerk Off Masturbation + Instruction - Jerkoff Encouragement - Nylon Fetish, Pantyhose Fetish, Stocking Fetish. Hot girls in nylons & pantyhose teaching you sissies out there masturbation techniques! What is Jerk Off Instruction and Masturbation Encouragement?
Cruel Chloe
What's up losers. Glad to see you figured out how to work the internet. Well, now that you're here I guess I'll tell you why you're here. You are here to be my scum sucking, dirty little pay-pig! You knew that already though didn't you? Why else would you have been searching for a smokin' hot girl (that you could never have) who loves to humiliate tiny dick bitches like you?

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Humiliation movies

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Submissive Male Training

Foot Mistresses

Foot Worship Domination

Sounding cock
Locked up in Chastity
Your tiny little cock is useless to me, so I think I am just going to lock it up in a chastity device from now on. Since your dick is too small and serves me no purpose, you don't deserve to be able to use it either. Maybe if you weren't such a pathetic loser with a shriveled little dick I might have a use for you, but since that's the case you are just going to have to be my celibate slave. If you think you know what blue balls are now, you have no idea what it's going to be like from now on. I am going to take every opportunity I can to tease you and make you uncomfortable while you are all locked up. Maybe one day after you have earned it I will let you out and allow you to cum again.
Bossy Princesses
It is that time of the month again, so hand over the cash, loser. What the fuck is this? Is this all you have got? Well that is just not going to cut it. You are going to have to go out and pick up another job because this little pittance is nowhere near enough to keep us happy. If you don't give us twice as much next month, you are going to seriously regret it.
Chastity Craze
Do you see what I have in my hands? That is right it is a chastity device and your dick will soon be stuffed inside of it and locked up for good. It will be oh so painful and yet so hot for me while I tease your locked up cock. Good luck trying to get out because your balls will be hanging out preventing you from getting off. I will hold the key right here in my bra and get you all worked up while your pathetic dick jams up against the sides of it is cage. You are a pathetic locked up loser!

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Cum Eating Training
Did you know that every guy's cum tastes different? It's true, and we are going to make you find out exactly what your own cum tastes like. I hope you came here hungry because when you leave you belly is going to be full to the brim with your own cum. Go ahead and take out your cock and start jerking, you have a long night of cum eating ahead of you. We're going to help you out by letting you look at our hot bodies while you jerk it, and we even brought this handy little shot glass for you to cum into before slurping it all down. When you take your load in your mouth, you have to really swish it around in your mouth so you can get the full flavor of your own jizz.

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Cum Countdown
Your cock sure is tiny, how can you possibly expect to satisfy a girl like Madame Rose? The truth is you can't, which is why she ridicules you and your tiny cock as you stroke and hope to cum. She does find demeaning you to be cute though, if that's any consolation to being a loser.
Dirty Talking Bitches
Do you think you can stroke your cock until you cum while all four of us are here staring at you? I bet that he gets stage fright and can't even get it hard. Well, would you look at that! I was wrong; you're already hard as a fucking rock. You do have four gorgeous women to look at so I guess we should have known better. Now go ahead and start stroking it for us. Why don't we show you how to do it? Between the four of us we probably know a few little tricks that will really intensify your orgasm. Here, stroke it like this, with a little twist at the end. Don't go too fast, we have to edge you right to verge of cumming and back you off again a few times before you can cum.
You are such an idiot. You bought me my prom dress and all this spendy bling. Did you think you were gonna get to take me - and fuck me? No, loser. But I do need you to make me a 'proof puddle' before my real-man stud comes to pick me up. He gets my pussy. You get your fist - as I humiliate and laugh at you...
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